Gullon Sugar Free Shortbread Biscuits 330g

These sugar free shortbread biscuits with high oleic sunflower oil are the healthier choice for diabetics.
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Gullon Shortbread Sugar Free 330g

Why is high oleic sunflower oil better for you?  Research shows that substitution of high oleic sunflower oil for saturated fat sources (such as butter and other polyunsaturated oils) lowers cholesterol.  Have a look at the profile of high oleic compared to regular sunflower oil below:

Table from Foodwatch website.

Wheat flour 62%, vegetable oil (high oleic sunflower oil) 18%, sweeteners (maltitol and isomalt), vegetable fibre, raising agents (sodium and ammonium bicarbonates), salt, milk decoration (milk proteins and dextrose), vanilla flavour

Dorada al Horno Diet Nature
Nutritional Information: (from manufacturer website, Australian product nutritional panel picture coming soon)

Quantity (per 100g)

Energy 439 kcal / 1839 kj
Protein 6
Carbohydrates 68
   Sugars <0,5
Fat 18
   Saturates 1,5
   Mono-unsaturates 15
   Polyunsaturates 1,5
Fibre 4,0
Sodium 0,16
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