Maltitol is a disaccharide produced from maltose obtained from starch.


Confectionery sweetened with maltitol

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Sweet Switch Black & Whites cream filled cookies Past Best Before 22/5/18
Sugar free cocoa sandwich biscuits with vanilla cream. Indulgence without the guilt....
AUD $8.29
Sweet Switch Milk Chocolate tablet 100g
Deliciously smooth & creamy Belgian milk chocolate with no added sugar
AUD $7.99
Sweet Switch Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Cookies Past Best Before 31/5/18
Delicious sugar free cookies with stevia sweetened chocolate chips
AUD $5.99
Sweet Switch Marshmallow Twist Mix 70g Past Best Before 03/18
Gluten free, no added sugar, sweetened with stevia, maltilol & isomalt
AUD $3.99
Sweet Switch Milk Chocolate Almonds 70g
Sweet Switch Chocolate Almond Dragees - Southern European almonds coated in delicious...
AUD $9.99
Sugar Free Milk Chocolate - untempered 500g
Sweetened with maltilol, this milk chocolate is perfect for cooking - including baking,...
AUD $49.49
Sugar Free Dark Chocolate - untempered 500g
Sweetened with maltitol, this 70% dark chocolate is perfect for cooking - including...
AUD $49.49
Sugarless Co Strawberry Cream Jellies 70g
With natural colours and flavours and no added sugar, these low carb, low fat and...
AUD $4.49
Sugarless Co Red Frog Jellies 70g
Red frogs with natural colours and flavours, and no added sugar!
AUD $4.49
Sugarless Co Charming Snake Jellies 70g
All natural sugar free snakes - one of our top sellers!
AUD $4.49
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