Cavalier White Chocolate

Sugarless Co White Chocolate

Sweet Switch White Chocolate Easter Eggs

Suitable for diabetics* & Low Carbers

* please note that the GI of a product depends very much on what you eat with it. If you have even a 'no added sugar' or 'sugar free' chocolate bar by itself, it will raise your blood sugar levels much higher (due to both the lactose and low GI natural sweeteners) than if  you eat it as dessert following a meal or with fruit for example. 

No added sugar white chocolate

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Sugarless Co White Chocolate & Strawberry 80g
Sugar free white chocolate with real fruit that is gluten-free!
AUD $7.49
Sugarless Co Creamy White 100g
Naturally coloured & flavoured creamy white chocolate from an Aussie company!
AUD $7.49

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