Sugarless chocolate with all natural ingredients - sweetened with Stevia 

Diabetic friendly chocolate

All of the pleasure with none of the guilt

The healthiest chocolate that you can buy has been launched by premium Belgian chocolate producer Cavalier. The unique range of over 20 flavours of 100% no added artificial sugar chocolate created using a natural and healthy sweetener Stevia instead of sugar is perfect if you are looking after your waist. It is one of the first products available in the UK which incorporate Stevia since it has been approved by the EU. The guilt free treat has been created without compromising on the celebrated taste, texture and aroma of fine, traditional Belgian chocolate.

In the healthily sweetened chocolate that Cavalier favours, there is no glucose, granulated sugar or fructose. However, we all love sweet things and our taste buds demand more sweet things than are recommended in a healthy diet. That is why Cavalier went in search of alternative sweeteners in order to keep, as far as possible, all the good qualities that cocoa beans possess and to sweeten the bitter cacao taste in a healthy way. It is therefore of the utmost importance to choose well from the large range of sweeteners. Sweeteners differ in numerous ways: sweetening power, taste and texture, energy release, their effect on blood sugar and their effect on the body (e.g. no tooth decay).

By only using Stevia as the sweetening property in their chocolate, Cavalier chocolate has twice the amount of fibre than sugar and, with Stevia containing no calories or carbohydrates, it is the ultimate healthy bar of chocolate. The authentic sweet taste of chocolate is retained throughout the products which contain natural antioxidants, fibres, vitamin E, magnesium, zinc and iron. It could be an ideal option for diabetics and it is also gluten free.

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Cavalier Dark Chocolate 85% 85g
Sweetened with stevia and with minimum 80% cocoa solids, this is one of the healthiest...
AUD $7.99
Cavalier Dark Chocolate Berries 40g
Delicious Belgian dark chocolate with blueberries, blackcurrants and raspberries....
AUD $4.99
Cavalier Milk Chocolate Hazelnut 40g
Cavalier Sugar Free Belgian milk chocolate with hazelnuts - all natural ingredients,...
AUD $4.49
Cavalier Chocolate Easter eggs solid
Stevia sweetened filled Easter eggs made with Belgian chocolate. Choose from milk,...
AUD $1.69
Cavalier Milk Chocolate with stevia tablet 85g
Award winning no added sugar Belgian milk chocolate
AUD $7.99
Cavalier Dark Chocolate Berries 85% 85g
Delicious Belgian dark chocolate with blueberries, blackcurrants and raspberries....
AUD $8.99
Cavalier Milk Chocolate Praline 40g Past Best Before 30/6
Cavalier milk chocolate with hazelnut cream filling - all natural ingredients, sweetened...
AUD $2.99
Cavalier Box Milk Sea Shells box 125g Best Before Sep 2018
Stevia sweetened boxed hazelnut praline milk chocolate SeaShells. Tastes just like...
AUD $9.99
Cavalier Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs 40g
Minimum 80% Cocoa Belgian Dark Chocolate
AUD $4.49
Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Santa Claus Past Best Before date
Sugar free Belgian milk chocolate Santa Claus
AUD $9.99
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